Katie Monahan, born in Detroit, Michigan, graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  After living and traveling in California for 6 years she has returned to Michigan to continue experimenting with oils, acrylic textures, glass, sand, and dyed fabrics. 

 "I think of the present culture as a complex narrative, dense with objects and people interacting within limited spaces. I find my entry into this story through the attention I pay to little pieces of it.  Drawing connections and understanding relationships between these pieces is both endlessly fascinating and helps in locating my experience and choices within a larger framework."  Katie was a regular exhibitor at the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk’s Medallion and 2nd St. Galleries, the Push Gallery tour throughout Los Angeles, and the Hellada Gallery in Long Beach.  She won the “Curator’s Choice” award out of a field of over 150 in her first submission to a juried show in 2010, and has been honored with awards such as First Place in Painting from the Beverly Hills Art Show, the Long Beach Masterpiece Award, and inclusion in various national and international juried shows and publications since.  

Today her work can be found in galleries and fine art venues around Southern California and Michigan as well as in private homes in locations around the world including:  London, Belgium, Australia, Tahiti, Canada, Washington DC, New York, LA, and more.